yellow mombin

    The tree yellow mombin is native of tropical America, trunk erect, tall and can exceed 30 meters, which undergoes the phenomenon of shedding.
    This plant has a showy canopy, broad and rounded.
     Its leaves are compound, alternate, spiral, of follicles in an oblong shape.
    The inflorescence is a terminal pyramidal panicles, composed of small flowers, numerous, pale yellow in color. The cross-pollination is probably made ​​by the wind.
    Its result is a drupe, 3-6 cm in length, covered by a thin shell, smooth, the yellow or orange. His yellow and sour pulp surrounds a single seed oblong whitish and wrinkled.
    In the north, the propagation of this tree is by stem cuttings with about 1.5 m in length and diameter greater than 10 cm.
    The frozen pulp is the most commercialized of hog plum, but the fruit is also used to make juice, nectar, ice cream, jellies, wines, liquors, etc..
 ANACARDIACEAE - Spondias mombin