The soursop or custard from Guinea-Bissau is a plant native to tropical America, which adapted themselves spontaneously in the Amazon, being found in backyards far north.
      This plant is a shrub that reaches an average 5 feet tall, pyramidal crown presents, not uniform branches and subcoriaceous glossy dark green leaves.
      Its flowers are large, yellowish-green, hermaphrodites and are born isolated in the trunks or branches.
      The fruit is a berry composed large, heart-shaped, dark green color, becoming light green during ripening. Its pulp, sour-sweet taste, is white and fibrous, and involves many black seeds.
      In the north, the soursop tree is commonly propagated by seed or grafting.
      The soursop can be consumed fresh, mixed with sugar or in the form of juice, ice cream, cream, etc..
 ANNONACEAE - Annona muricata