The Brazilian cherry  is a plant native to Brazil's Atlantic rainforest, much appreciated and found in the north backyards.
She has the small to medium sized tree, but sometimes can exceed 10 meters in height. Its crown is spheric, with its evergreen. Its trunk is irregular, branched and reddish color.
Its leaves are entire, opposite, elliptic or oval. When new presents and red when ripe become green in color.
The flowers are small, white, fragrant, hermaphrodites and honey; are located in the joints of the leaves.
The fruit, a drupe is small, rounded, flattened, with longitudinal ridges on the ends of yellow, red or purple, depending on ripeness. Its pulp is red and fleshy and has a sweet taste and green surrounds a single seed.
Its fruits can be consumed raw, in juice, jams, wines, liqueurs and sweets.
In the north of Brazilian cherry is by seeds.

MYRTACEAE - Eugenia sp