I am Carmen Coimbra, creator of the site Forest Northern Water.

My photos and videos are spread over the internet, where I subscribe as a "celcoimbra". Search on google image "celcoimbra".

At the moment, I am announcing the "FAN DE PEIXE ORNAMENTAL" microenterprise that works with the sale of Amazonian wild fish. I must confess that I am enchanted with the sweetness and beauty of wild discus.

Are you interested in ornamental wild fish from the Amazon? Be our partner or client. Write to us by email: florestaaguadonorte@gmail.com

I am an agricultural engineer and I have master's degree in biology and molecular genetics.

Time ago,  I worked with planting rubber trees interspersed with coffee, black pepper and fruit trees. At that time, I was producing latex, coagulated rubber and surgical gloves.

Then I bought a franchise from one school to professional courses. It was there, in 2009, I started posting on this site, initially to help students and then to show the Amazon.

Always I lived in the northern region of Brazil and I am in love with my forest and my people. I take all the opportunities that arise for I travel in the Amazon and discover its mysteries and crannies.

It turns out that in 2013, I got sick with a tumor in the breast: a rare type of cancer that kept me from working and I retained me in Sao Paulo for two years. ( OVERCOMING LIMITS: CANCER )

True that the period of chemotherapy were terrible and even today despite my recovery be considered good, I am in a phase called survival, which still I suffer with fatigue, low immunity and reduced movement.

During the treatment of this disease, I got sick with diabetes and I increased my weight by 20 kilograms.

On medical instructions I pulled away tasks, I was out of the sun and I tried to escape worry, I sought seclusion and quiet.

Because I work since age 18, I retired, but it was impossible to stand still. So I decided to do some on-line courses, I created some blogs and I changed a part of the site Forest Northern Water.

Since my illness prevents me from traveling through Amazonia, I decided to also post other things I've learned and I try to practice.

I am currently doing a general change in the structure of the site, but now you can download several free e-books on cooking, diet and tourism. I have not had time to add the handouts of professional courses and competitions, but I plan to do this by the end of the year.

I want to lose weight so I'm in the period to test various diets. I already reduce 7 kg in two months.

However, while doing several CT scans with contrast, in November 2014, I was obliged to stop eating the medications that control my diabetes for about 10 days. Then I had an absurd increase in glucose, which caused obstruction of the veins of my eyes. This allowed bacteria and fungi penetrate under my cornea. My immune system did not react and I was practically blind during the first five months of 2015.

During this period, I did treatment with very strong medicines to endure the pain and soothe. The drugs made me drowsy, and I confused reality and dreams The pain did not allow I concentrate on anything. I was lying down, eyes closed, I mixed present, past and constantly I remembered the advice and stories told by the ancients.

It was then that I decided to write a series of novels and short stories about the Amazon. In the moments that soothed pain, I entered the internet,  I researched dates, I wrote down the customs of the people,  I discovered names and the livelihoods of many indigenous and African clans, and I confronted with the histories that I recalled.

When I came back to see, I chose about which groups I wanted to work, I sought details in libraries and I wrote the stories that elders confided me, telling them in real time.

My first book, "In the World of Northern Women" was released in late 2014, following the printed conventionally, the publisher Novo Século and it is being sold in large Brazilian bookstores.

As to the other, nine books in the series  "In the World of Northern Women ": The second history "Wawatu from Amazon," already is available in the form of e-book by Amazon.com and it is being translated into English. The other eight series will be available from 2 in 2 months.

The tales are easier and quicker to write. I have several posted on Amazon.com.

My life has changed, but I continue to travel around my region, taking pictures of everything, but giving a special focus to aquarism and fish farming.

I am very happy when I receive your visit. Check back often!

A hug

Cel Coimbra

PS: And please, whenever possible, help me by clicking on our Facebook page, making search through our site, advertising or buying our ornamental fish.


Livro e-Book Romance Amazônia O Mundo das Mulheres do Norte Floresta Água Celcoimbra Amazonia Amazonica Amazônica Amazon Dicionario Venda DEF







This site was designed to display the best of the Amazon and sustain itself through sales of Amazonian products. At present we are suppliers of wild ornamental fish.


Livro e-Book Romance Amazônia O Mundo das Mulheres do Norte Floresta Água Celcoimbra Amazonia Amazonica Amazônica Amazon Dicionario Venda DEF







Our site is for you who want to know the beauties of the Amazon and is passionate about ornamental fish.


Livro e-Book Romance Amazônia O Mundo das Mulheres do Norte Floresta Água Celcoimbra Amazonia Amazonica Amazônica Amazon Dicionario Venda DEF


Existem centenas de espécies e variações de peixes amazônico ornamentais.

Conheça algumas dessas espécies clicando em cima dos links:


Astronotus ocellatus - Acará-açu

Acarichthys heckelii - Acarazinho Requeu


Apistogramma (Gênero) - Acará Anão

Apistogramma agassizii

Apistogramma bitaeniata

Apistogramma eunotus

Apistogramma hippolytae

Apistogramma pertensis

Apistogramma taeniata


Biotodoma cupido - Acará Salema

Biotecus opercularis - Acará Saracá

Caquetaia spectabilis - Acará Pérola


Characiformes (Ordem)

Carnegiella (Gênero Peixe-borboleta)

Carnegiella marthae - Peixe-borboleta-prateada

Carnegiella schereri - Peixe-borboleta-de-pontos

Carnegiella strigata - Peixe-borboleta-listrada

Chalceus (Gênero) - Peixe Araripirá

Chalceus erythrurus - Peixe Rabo de Fogo

Chalceus macrolepidotus - Peixe Arari Vermelho

Copella arnoldi - Peixe Piratantã

Gnathocharax steindachneri - Tetra-aruanã

Hemigrammus bleheri - Rodostomus

Hemigrammus stictus - Tetra Stictus

Hemiodus gracilis - Cruzeiro-do-Sul

Heterocharax macrolepis - Tetra Violeta

Hyphessobrycon cachimbensis - Tetra Cachimbo

Hyphessobrycon copelandi - Tetra Pena

Hyphessobrycon eque - Tetra Mato Grosso

Hyphessobrycon pulchripinnis - Tetra Limão

Hyphessobrycon scutulatus - Tetra Ouro

Hyphessobrycon vilmae - Neon Chocolate

Leporinus fasciatu - Piau-flamengo

Nannostomus eque - Peixe-lápis Marrom

Nannostomus unifasciatus - Peixe-lápis 1 linha

Paracheirodon axelrodi - Tetra Cardinal

Paracheirodon innesi - Tetra Neon


Colomesus asellus - Baiacu Amazônico


Crenicichla (Gênero) - Jacundás

Crenicichla acutirostris - Jacundá Flamengo

Crenicichla johanna - Jacundá Olho de Fogo

Crenicichla lugubris - Jacundá Vermelho

Crenicichla macrophthalma  - Jacundá Olhudo

Crenicichla marmorata - Jacundá de Mármore

Crenicichla regani - Jacundá de Folha

Crenicichla stocki - Jacundá da Linha Branca

Crenicichla strigata - Jacunda Riscado

Crenicichla vittata - Jacundá Banana


Dicrossus maculatus - Xadrezinho


Geophagus (Gênero) - Chaperema

Geophagus altifrons - Chaperema Amarelo

Geophagus megasema - Chaperema Vermelho

Geophagus proximus - Chaperema Mancha de Olho


Heros (Gênero) - Acará Severo

Heros efasciatus - Acará Severo

Heros notatus - Acará Severo de Pontos

Heros severus - Acará Severo Peba


Laetacara curvicep - Acara curviceps


Loricariidae (Família) - Plecos

Baryancistrus sp. "L142" - Acari Bola Branca  "LDA 33"

Farlowella amazona - Peixe Galho

Hemiancistrus sabaji "L075" - Acari Tigre de Bola

Hemiancistrus snethlageae "L141" - Acari Aba Branca

Hypancistrus sp. "L260" - Acari Pão

Hypancistrus sp. "L262" - Acari Pão Pigmentado

Hypancistrus sp. "L333" - Acari Pão Alenquer

Hypancistrus zebra - Acari Zebra

Hypostomus soniai "L137" - Acari Violeta

Leporacanthicus joselimai "L264" - Acari Onça

Panaque armbrusteri "L027" - Acari Boi de Bota

Panaque sp "L271" - Acari Cara de Pão

Peckoltia compta "L134" - Acari Picota Ouro

Peckoltia vittata  "L015" - Acari Teoro

Pseudacanthicus sp. "L097" - AcarI Assacu

Pseudacanthicus sp. "L273" - Acari Red Titanic

Pseudacanthicus sp. "L273" - Acari Yellow Titanic

Pseudancistrus sp. "L259" - Acari Cara Chata

Scobinancistrus pariolispos "L133" - Acari Cotia

Spectracanthicus murinus - Acari Bicudo


Mesonauta festivus - Acará Festivo

Monocirrhus polyacanthus - Peixe Folha

Pterophyllum scalare - Acará Bandeira

Retroculus xinguensis - Acará Xinguensis


Satanoperca - Acará Porquinho

Satanoperca acuticeps - Acará 5 Pontos

Satanoperca jurupari - Acará Jurupari

Satanoperca lilith - Acará 3 Pontos

Satanoperca pappaterra - Acarazinho


Symphysodon aequifasciatus - Acará Disco

Symphysodon discus (Variedades) - Acará Disco

Symphysodon discus - BARRA MANSA

Symphysodon discus - BLUE FACE

Symphysodon discus - BROWN

Symphysodon discus - CUIPEUA

Symphysodon discus - CURUÁ

Symphysodon discus - GRAY GREEN

Symphysodon discus - HECKEL

Symphysodon discus - INANU

Symphysodon discus - LAGO GRANDE

Symphysodon discus - NHAMUNDÁ

Symphysodon discus - MIX

Symphysodon discus - ORANGE LAGO GRANDE

Symphysodon discus - ROYAL

Symphysodon discus - SEMIROYAL

Symphysodon discus - SOLID


Taeniacara candidi - Torpedinho

 Teleocichla proselytus - Jacundá da Pedra

Uaru amphiacanthoides - Acará Baru

Symphysodon discus - Wild Discus




      Na Amazônia, do século XIX, devido à cobiça pela borracha, Wawatu, cunhatã do clã Aruak, tem sua aldeia dizimada por brancos. Apesar de ser forçada a viajar para um local desconhecido, casar-se com guerreiro de origem Karib e sofrer com as diferenças de costumes de seus familiares, ela se apaixona.